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10/31/2009 1:15:27 AM

Jeannie Herer is in need of help

hempstalk2009-jack-herer A well known activist among all sectors of the marijuana movement, Jack Herer and his wife Jeannie have been enduring much hardship since his ‘heart attack’ on September. 12 th at Hempstalk 2009 in Portland Oregon, after the festival.

The author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes, has been in an Oregon facility and his wife Jeannie Herer reported the following on the internet yesterday:

“Jack's Condition”
“This is Jack's wife, Jeannie. Jack had a heart attack in Portland, Oregon on September 12. I was in California waiting for him to come home. I flew to Portland, went to the hospital and was told that a woman named Joy Graves had come to the hospital with a Medical Power of Attorney that Jack had allegedly signed, naming her and Chuck Jacobs as the people in charge of Jack's medical care. It wasn't complete and looks like someone forged his signature. The hospital's legal team determined it was no good.
Jack is now in a skilled nursing facility in Eugene. Joy Graves has taken the paper to them and they have accepted it until their legal team decides what to do. In the meantime, I am not allowed to see Jack or even get news about his condition over the phone. Jack has already been neglected in the nursing home. He fell out of bed there and hit his head shortly after being admitted. He had lumps on his head from it and bruises on his upper eyelids.
I've had to hire an attorney to deal with this. I don't have much money but I'll do what I can. I love Jack very much and can't believe this is happening to him now, when he needs me the most.”

However, on Jack’s website today it was reported by his wife that she was allowed in to see him after Jack’s son called the facility with the request to let her in. She reports that although he is still not able to speak, he did wake up and knew that she was there. We will continue to monitor the situation as news becomes available and are asking that anyone with the financial ability to help Jeannie to please do so. There are a number of Activist’s, Entertainer’s and other predominant people out there who know Jack either as a friend or as an acquaintance that may be able to help. The information needed to do so is listed below:
Here is the address to send checks cash or money orders to

Jeannie Herer

P.O. Box 41539,

Eugene, Oregon 97404.

Many thanks in advance from the member of the U.S. Marijuana Party and it’s subsidiary’s.


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