Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gatewood Galbraith - When People Ask Me Why


When People Ask Me Why

When People ask me.....

Why do you continue to run - I continue to run not just to express my own convictions but to answer the call of the people who continue to ask me to run in the hope that my election will ensure that our government will again begin to work the way our founding fathers intended; to serve as a representative of the people and those laws so brilliantly laid out in order to form the most admired government in the World
What are your chances at a win - I am in a better position now than ever before. After having run so many times, I recognize that Kentuckians are beginning to realize our Commonwealth's continued economic, social and statistical decline is directly related to the victories of my previous opponents and the continuing dysfunctional government plaguing Kentucky election after election.
What party are you - I inform them that I have stepped outside traditional political lines to run as an Independent. An Independent who will serve the agenda of the people and not get caught up in partisanship, bickering and cronyism. I will freely give credit and blame to those who deserve it most.
When I experience skepticism - I remain convinced that together we can in fact affect Real change. Change first comes in the hearts of the people, which in turn will motivate their actions. If my candidacy somehow inspires each of you then I have effected much needed change. My election will mend Kentucky's broken government so that our great Commonwealth and her great People become the example as to how it is done rather than what not to do. I have, more than any other candidate, earned the vote of the people of Kentucky. I will continue to run until Kentuckians are duly served. Together we Can and Will restore Kentucky to prosperity.
When I am told that I am ahead of my time - Well I simply respond, Now's the Time....

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