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Fw: Gatewood Galbraith/Dea Riley For Governor 2011

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A message from Gatewood Galbraith, Candidate for Kentucky Governor 2011.
Dear Friends and Supporters,
For more than 30 years, I have stood on the front line for the people of Kentucky. I have carried the flag that bears your rights proudly. This year, I have announced my candidacy to become your next Governor. My running mate, Dea Riley has joined me to act as Lieutenant Governor for the betterment of all Kentucky. We are running as Independents for the sole purpose to mandate that our focus remain solving those problems which most affect the everyday lives of every Kentuckian. Independence from both major parties will allow us to work at your bequest, beholden only to the people. Simply, we are applying for the job to work for you, a concept long forgotten in Government today, which is characterized by irresponsible spending, pageantry and continued corruption. Decades of neglect, malfeasance and overall lack of accountability has left Kentucky ranked in the lowest percentile of every national ranking. Yet, Kentuckians have had little choice but to elect from the same pool of politicians, who run time and time again, merely changing caps along the way. There is no excuse. Now you have a choice. Kentuckians seeking a new future have only one choice of candidates in this pending election and that is the Gatewood/Riley ticket.
Our focus is to remedy the dysfunctional status of state government and install long overdue leadership. Everyday Kentuckians are worried about jobs, paying the bills, education, their children's future and family. We share those concerns too. An Independent Administration will breathe new life into an ill government. Our issues are the Economy, Education and our Environment. We cannot be successful in one without remedy to the other.
Through these many years, I have not asked for financial contributions, but in order to win this race we must share our message with every family in Kentucky. To do so will take tremendous funds. Recent media clips referencing my candidacy asked: "can they raise the money"? They did not ask if we were qualified, devoted or represented your best interest –only whether we could raise the necessary funds. I believe we can –with your help. We will be traveling the Commonwealth to visit every home; we will work tirelessly to prove ourselves. So after more than 30 years I am asking you to join us by donating to our campaign. Any amount is appreciated –here is none to small. I know times are tough for everyone, but if you will consider this as an investment into you and your children's future then you recognize your contribution is only a fraction of the amount generations will be forced to pay. If you are as fed up as most are –then let your contribution send a clear message as to how you feel.
Please go online to Click on the DONATE NOW link at the top of the homepage or the DONATE link on the left-hand side of the home page. Follow the step-by-step instructions. Our donation page is powered by PayPal Technology, ensuring the security of your personal/credit card information.
Join us and together we can restore Kentucky to prosperity.

Thanks for your help!!!
Gatewood Galbraith

Matthew Thomas Long
Finance Director
Gatewood Galbraith/Dea Riley For Governor 2011
620 South 8th Street
Shelbyville, Kentucky 40065-1232
Home Phone: (502) 633-4860
Cell Phone: (606) 344-2881

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