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Perspective: An Assay for MMJ quality control

Perspective: An Assay for Marijuana quality control

I would like more information on this subject.

But lets put this into perspective.

Humans have been using Marijuana for quite possibly thousands of years without resorting to assays.  Currently a underused argument for Re-Legalization is the fact that the Black Market -- as it is totally unregulated -- makes the possibility of terrorist contamination a very real concern.  Already we have seen reports, mostly from Europe, discussing the spraying of glass particals on hydro to make it appear that the Cannabis has a greater concentration of glands.  Unfortunately smoking glass infested weed can certainly lead to respiratory problems.  But what if terrorists started genetically modifying it in some way to cause a "slow virus" such as aids?  Guess it is not convenient to consider this?

No the government only wants you to think about terrorism in ways that benefit the government: such as impinging on your freedoms; tapping your phones, algorhthmically going through your emails etc.  Thinking about terrorists introducing genetic modifications into Marijuana might be just too good an argument for Re-Legalizing it.  So therefore the Mainstream Media won't discuss it.  Just like they won't discuss how all the nano particle thermite was found all around the World Trade Center in the aftermath of 911.  Just too inconvenient a truth?

Secondly we now have these scumbags from MPP and DPA pushing what I like to call a "Government Marijuana Dispensary" (GMD) program whereby no one will ultimately be able to grow accept the government through highly regulated facilities.  Even Kampia talks about regulating potency which makes absolutely no sense given the behign nature of Cannabis.  You cannot overdose smoking Marijuana you stupid SOB.  And begining in early 2009 shows like "Marijuana Inc" have been coming out in an attempt to "sell" and manufacture consent for such a GMD program.  These things are orchestrated in the media, they don't just happen so uniformly by chance.  For more on this see Noam Chomsky's "The Manufacture of Consent" or Google on Bernaise, the relative to Freud who turned this concept into a science.

For years I have envisoned assays that would show the relative concentrations of all THC, CBN etc. components of a given sample of Marijuana.  I'm quite sure this would pave the way toward discerning which varieties are best for Glaucoma, MS etc.  But I don't want the government to become my new "drug dealer" after the same government has been telling me how dangerous Marijuana is and then charging me "street price" plus $50 an ounce for the privilage of smoking government Marijuana.  This is bullshit and both Kampia and Nadleman should be read the riot act on this. 

Since the 1960's every activist I have know has been fighting for the right to "Grow our own."  I would rather see a system similar to the programs in the 1960's where you could send a sample to a lab, anonomously, to test for contaminents our government was putting in there at the time (e.g., paraquat, a herbicide).  Accept in this case you would also get a comprehensive list of possible contaminents along with a chart showing the THC percent and a chart showing the concentration of each of the 240 Cannabinoid analogues in the submitted sample.  It might also be nice to have a test to insure that the plants have not be genetically modified in a non-Mendelian manner (e.g., like Monsanto's Death Seeds that have genetically modified pesticides and resistance to Roundup).

And please tell me Kampia and Nadleman (and of couse Sors): why should we not be able to grow our own?:  Why should we be paying $300 to $500 and ounce when we could grow it for free outside or under lamps for $25 an ounce?  Doesnt't it seem more likely that such a model would allow the sick cheap medicine and put the Mexican Drug Cartels out of business?

How come these questions are not being fielded by Anderson Cooper and Lisa Dinga Ling?

First of all if Marijuana becomes legal I don't think we will have to worry about our friends contaminating the weed that they most assuredly are also smoking themselves.  And while I would like to know the potency of a given variety, grown under a particular growers method, the last thing I want is Obama telling me the upper limit to the THC in that variety.  I mean you can currently by 180 proof Rum at any liqour store.  Has anyone suggested an upper limit to the potency of Rum.  I mean pure Ethyl alcohol is just 200 Proof and it is impossible to get it any stronger than that.  And alcohol will kill you if your drink a fifth or two.  I gauruntee it.

The absurdity is further exemplified by Obama's recent move to regulate Tobacco through the FDA.  This makes no damn sense.  It is the Pulonium 240 in the Phosphate fertilizer that causes 95% of the lung cancers in America: and that is according to Sir Everet Koop, who was once our Surgeon General under Reagan.  The answer is not regulation under the FDA which has allowed numerous dangerous drugs to be sold to unsuspecting American Citizens.  Phen Phen anybody?  The answer is to get the damn Pulonium 240 out of the damn Tobbacco.  The FDA is nothing more than a whore for the Pharmeceutical Industry.  Is that so difficult to understand?

And yet American accept this bullshit like so many unsuspecting sheep.  Stop acting like sheep damn it.

Wake up my fellow activists.  Both MPP (Kampia) and Nadleman (DPA) are mere stooges for George Soros who is also into GM crops and a slew of other crimes against human kind in general.  And a lot of Rappers are up to their eyeballs with the ghetto drug gangs that are dependant on Marijuana Prohibtion to make a living.  Yet at the same time they are turning their neighborhoods into war zones.  Just look at the number of children getting killed in Chicago for instance.  99% of them are black.  Does anyone accept me give a damn about this?  The gang bangers don't need prohibition they need real jobs.  And stopping all immigration just might create some of those jobs.  Just food for thought.

And the sad thing is that if we actually got off our asses Marijuana could be legal by years end by calling for a special session of Congress to eliminate Marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act and  withdrawing from all UN Drug accords.  This is not rocket science and there are so many other important battles that need to be fought to preserve the liberites that our forefathers had sacrificed for our sake.  I would say we owe both them and ourselves the effort to completely legalize Marijuana  IMMEDIATELY.  None of these bullshit compromised solutions such as what we hear coming from MPP and DPA.  These groups are pulling a "bait and switch" on all of us.  Please do not donate another dime to either organization.

Wake up.

The better solution is the MERP Model for Marijuana Re-Legalization.  More articles too come, however, I doubt any of you could absorb what already exists at the following link in less than a few days.  This means reading the articles, watching the videos and reading the additional citiations.  Finally, it means comparing MERP to whatever model is out there to challenge it.  I'm telling you MERP may not be "the way" but it is a far "better way" than a GMD program.

Smoke yourself a doobie and get to reading.  Here is what you need to know:

The MERP Model for Re-Legalization will destroy the Mexican Drug Cartels and much, much more.  Please visit and post the following link far and wide.  This subweb is both for understanding MERP and implementing MERP.  We need everyones help on this.  Get on the mailing list now!  Let's Re-Legalize Marijuana in 2009 World Wide.

MERP Headquarters
The Marijuana Re-Legalization Policy Project (MRPP) = "MERP"

Let the tribes come together in 2009.  Lets tell Obama in no uncertain terms that we demand Marijuana Re-Legalization whereby all personal cultivation is protected from ALL taxation, regulation or other government interference.  The plant belongs to the people.  It should never be controlled by a government that has put us in jail for over 70 years for smoking and cultivating Marijuana.  And what I have just described is essentially the MERP Model.

Let us agree on at least one thing:

The Government is NOT going to become our Drug Dealer.

Yours in Peace and Freedom,

Bruce W. Cain
Editor, New Age Citizen

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You might want to add FLORIDE to that list

Keep up the awesome work!

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> AAMC is very interested in this topic. Does anyone have suggestions about
> common contaminants that should be tested for in a certification program?
> Arthur Livermore
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> American Alliance for Medical Cannabis
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> Arch Cape, OR 97102 USA
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> From: Casey
> Date: Wed, Jul 15, 2009 at 3:32 PM
> Subject: Establishing a test or an assay for MMJ
> Hello,
> I'm in the process of developing a test or an assay to control the quality
> of medicinal cannabis in order to promote uniformity and informed use
> through a certification program, and I saw a quote from your husband's
> email
> to in 2002. It's listed here
> <> ,
> and
> in it he says,
> "Many of the major university labs are equipped to characterize and assay
> [chemically analyze] agricultural samples. With certified assays and
> testing, medical cannabis could be properly packaged and labeled for
> patient
> use.
> Cannabis prohibition prevents medical growers from access to laboratories
> that could conduct proper assays. There is, at present, no Good
> Manufacturing Practices, nor FDA oversight.
> Well capitalized pharmaceutical ventures such as GW Pharmaceuticals in
> England who possess a government license to grow medical cannabis can and
> do
> conduct comprehensive tests to insure consistent quality and purity of
> their
> medical product...
> I was hoping you might know what the most important items to test for in
> order to ensure healthy usage. So far the plan is to include THC, CBN,
> arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead, and mercury. Please let me know if you
> can
> think of any other common contaminants that would be present in cannabis.
> Also as part of our program we are hoping to have medical professionals
> advise us on what exactly makes medicinal cannabis high quality and safe.
> Thanks for you time
> Casey
> P.S. If there is someway to get the rest of that email I would appreciate
> it, as he supports a testing/certification program according to the quote
> from the email.
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