Tuesday, July 21, 2009

[FWD: Are Senator Bunning and Senator McConnell on Your Side in the Public Option Debate?]

Sheree M. Krider



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Subject: Are Senator Bunning and Senator McConnell on Your Side in the
Public Option Debate?
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Dear Sheree,

Are Senator Bunning and Senator McConnell representing your interests in the health care debate raging in Congress? Now that the Senate is back from recess, they're buckling down for the summer session – and they're reviewing five separate health care bills at the moment.

Whatever the final bill looks like, your interests need to be in there. Tell Senator Bunning and Senator McConnell that you want a public plan option in health care reform »

President Obama has been fighting for a public option in health reform this year, and for good reason: without quality, affordable coverage, health reform will not be true reform. The economy has been tough on folks in Kentucky – and the rest of America. We can't continue with a healthcare system that routinely denies coverage and necessary medical treatment.

Please join us. Let Senator Bunning and Senator McConnell know how important health care reform is to you and your family. Please sign the petition today »
Thanks for speaking out for better health care,

Care2 Campaign Team

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