Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Marc Emery released on November 18th to await the Justice Minister’s Decision….

 Marc Emery was taken into custody on Monday, September 28th but has been released on November 18th to await the Justice Minister's decision

Help Save Canadian Activist and Hero, Marc Emery!

By Jodie Emery - Monday, February 9 2009


Marc Emery is known around the world as the "Prince of Pot". The USA is extraditing and imprisoning this Canadian activist because he successfully funded the global marijuana movement over the last decade. FREE MARC EMERY! Share this website everywhere!

on the extradition order. Tell the Justice Minister to refuse the US extradition request for Marc Emery and charge Marc in Canada instead.

Canadian Marc Emery has been fighting extradition to the USA and possible life imprisonment since July 2005. In March 2008, the Canadian Government decided to turn down a unique type of plea deal the USA and Marc Emery's lawyer had arranged -- one that required Canadian charges to be laid and the incarceration be in Canada.

In July 2009, Marc's co-accused, Michelle Rainey and Greg Williams, were sentenced to 2 years probation in Canada. In early September 2009, Marc Emery decided to sign a plea deal for a 5-year sentence in the US federal prison system.

You can read Marc's reasons for taking the plea deal in his blog post "Why I'm Cutting a Deal". Read more about what will likely happen to Marc from this point on by reading Jodie Emery's blog post "Marc Emery Imprisoned: Monday, September 28, Vancouver".

Read news articles and view some videos from the day Marc surrendered into custody here.

Help Save Canadian Activist and Hero, Marc Emery! | Cannabis Culture Magazine

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