Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Legalize it or Lose

mission statement:

It is illegal for organizations such as NORML or MPP to officially endorse a candidate for public office due to said organizations’ nonprofit status.  This site is not encumbered by those restrictions.  It is our ambition at legalizeitorlose to offer our official endorsement to politicians that are truly interested in reforming marijuana laws.  You’ll find state specific listings of this nature by clicking on our interactive politician map.  We don’t consider ourselves to be “one issue voters”, but we’ve found that most politicians whom support marijuana reform also support our other ideals. 

We believe that marijuana prohibition needs to be abolished as soon as possible.  Most arguments in opposition to legalized marijuana are rooted in ignorance.  The truth about marijuana is this: Marijuana causes less physical and social damage than alcohol or cigarettes, and it’s less habit forming than caffeine.  It is not the government’s right to decide whether or not responsible adults enjoy recreational marijuana, just as it is not their right to decide whether or not we enjoy beer, cigarettes, or coffee.  We consider the fact that the taxation on this billion dollar cash crop would stabilize our economy to be extraneous; we’re dedicated to working towards marijuana law reform because of our inherent civil liberties that are being ignored. 

Legalize it or Lose


I strongly urge those on both sides of the fence to gain a better education by reading the objectively based research that has been compiled at norml

For those of you looking to become more politically active in an attempt to reform marijuana laws, please visit mpp.

Any of you seeking assistance with your bid to obtain a medical marijuana prescription can find what you need at safeaccessnow.  

If you're in need of a complete education as to your legal rights, please visit oaksterdamuniversity.

My contact information is posted at the top of this page; please feel free to send me an email at any time.

Best regards and good luck,

The Legalize It or Lose team

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