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[FWD: AAMC: US CA: 14 Pot Dispensaries in County Shuttered]

Blackwater was involved in the dispensary raid which took place in California.  Blackwater is a new and improved order of the Pinkertons complete with new and improved weapons and tactics.....

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Subject: AAMC: US CA: 14 Pot Dispensaries in County Shuttered
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Newshawk: Shock and Awe Enforcement ...
Pubdate: Fri, 11 Sep 2009
Source: San Diego Union Tribune (CA)
Page: B1
Copyright: 2009 Union-Tribune Publishing Co.
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Author: Angelica Martinez, Union-Tribune Staff Writer
Cited: San Diego District Attorney
Cited: Drug Policy Alliance
Cited: Americans for Safe Access


Dozens Arrested in Probe of Suspected Illegal Storefronts

SAN DIEGO -- More than two dozen people operating marijuana
dispensaries were arrested in countywide raids that also shut down 14
storefronts, authorities said yesterday.

District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis said the search warrants served at
dispensaries and some homes Wednesday "has nothing to do with
legitimate medical marijuana patients or their caregivers."

She said the 14 storefronts targeted were "so-called medical
marijuana businesses that appear to be run by drug dealers." One of
the businesses, she said, netted $700,000 profit in six months.

According to the state's medical marijuana laws and the Attorney
General's guidelines, it is illegal to profit from the sale or
distribution of marijuana.

The user has to have a recommendation for medical marijuana by a
physician. That person, and/or his or her caregiver, have to be
verified members of a collective or cooperative in order to be
compliant with medical marijuana laws.

Officials declined to give details about the backgrounds of those
arrested, but San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne said some of
those in custody have prior drug arrests.

Authorities said they are still tallying the amount of marijuana and
money seized in the operation. At least $70,000 in cash and six guns
were seized.

Lansdowne said Wednesday's search and seizures culminated a
five-month investigation that started with residents' complaints of
noise, vandalism and other crimes associated with the dispensaries.

"There are now 60 storefronts operating and doing this under the
guise of helping people who are sick," Dumanis said.

Some medical marijuana advocates lashed out at law enforcement's
handling of the raids.

"SWAT-style tactics are just not called for," said Margaret
Dooley-Sammuli, deputy state director for the Drug Policy Alliance,
based in Los Angeles.

Kris Hermes, spokesman for Americans for Safe Access based in
Oakland, urged for regulations to be enacted for the safe access to
medical marijuana.

Dumanis said patients or their designated caregivers who are lawfully
recommended by a physician can always cultivate plants on their
property for their use.

Deputy District Attorney Steve Walter said 23 people were arrested in
San Diego and eight people were arrested in North County. Two men
arrested face federal charges.



Authorities raided the following 14 marijuana dispensaries and storefronts:

Answerdam Rx, 6645 Convoy Court, San Diego

Beneficial Care Collective, 740 Broadway, San Diego

Green Kross Collective, 3415 Mission Blvd., San Diego

Green Tree Solutions, 8055 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., San Diego

The Healing Dragon, 2506 S. Santa Fe Ave. #B-8, Vista

Hillcrest Compassion Care, 1295 University Ave., San Diego

Medicinal Solutions Patient Collective, 861 Hornblend St., San Diego

Movement in Action, 1050 S. Santa Fe Ave., Vista

Nature's Rx, 3520 Ashford St., Suite E, San Diego

Pacific Beach Collective, 929 Turquoise St., San Diego

San Diego Discount Caregivers, 3152 University Ave., San Diego

San Diego Dispensary Services, 1232 Los Vallecitos Blvd., San Marcos

Top Quality Collective, 7933 Balboa Ave., San Diego

Total Herbal Care, 4667 1/2 Cass St., San Diego

SOURCE: San Diego District Attorney's Office

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