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Sheree M. Krider

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An apology

On the following webpage -
[go down to section 17.5 - THE COMING OF HARRY J. ANSLINGER: ]

I thought that everyone was in on the joke, the guy on the left is indeed
Harry Anslinger, [a youthful image] but the guy on the right is Benito
Mussolini the Italian dictator. Some kind of correction will have to be


Need some help:
Did you know that during the years 1840 and 1940 somewhere between 20,000
and 30,000 different medical cannabis medicines were marketed world-wide?
No joke, the following webpage [just up today] explains how that number
was calculated. In terms of actual documentation [stuff that would stand
up in court – the figure is over 2,000 at this point.]

Anyway, if you have any extra time, I was hoping that you can go there and
look it over and see if you can punch any holes in the calculation. Also
if you see any misspell words, please do let me know.

Antique Andy
Museum Curator

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