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Healthcare Heartache

A Personal Look at the Health Care Crisis

Do Not Depend Upon Your Insurance To Pay For Life Saving Healthcare!

You Must Learn To Treat Yourself!        




Sunday, May 31, 2009 9:13 PM

SMKrider, Louisville, KY

They cannot afford it. Or actually they probably could, but then everyone's health would improve and that, of course, would cause their profits to plummet.

We buried another family member yesterday. She was 53 years old and died from complications of lung cancer and its treatment. She had gone through four long and horrid years of treatments and on and off of ventilators.

In Louisville and throughout the state of Kentucky the incidence of cancer can be statistically projected by the zip codes that you live in. And obviously she lived in the wrong one. So do a number of my other family members. As do I, to a lesser degree.

You could argue the point that we all smoke cigarettes and it would be a valid point to make. Jeffrey Wigand proved in XXXX that the Cigarette Companies were intentionally harming us. And in the last ten years or longer the cigarette has become even more dangerous and fatal as the quality in production has declined continuously.

At the same time, my Father smoked until he was 62 and contracted COPD. He lived to be 84. My Mother also smoked until age 62 and lived to be 89.

I have watched this horrid disease killing people all of my life. My first contact with Cancer was in about 1964. My Mothers friend and neighbor who lived a block away had it. I was only four years old and did not understand it except that I knew she did not have any hair and she wore a scarf on her head all of the time. She died at about 49 years of age after having been treated for Cancer

Then there was my Aunt's Cancer. She died when I was about nine years old with Breast and Lung Cancer after several operations and other failed treatments.

It seems to me that the older generation, born before 1940 are less likely to contract the disease versus those of us born after 1950 and 1960. But if you think about it, the older folks had a chance to build up a greater immunity to the toxins that were increasingly being let into our air and water and food supplies. At least they could until the last 10 years or so anyway.

The next really personal incident of Lung Cancer was with my Father in law in 1992. He suffered for a number of years from COPD and Heart Disease before he succumbs to Lung Cancer. He received NO treatment as he wanted a natural death. He died at 62 years old.

I also had another close friend who died in 1994 from Head and Neck Cancer. He was told that it was caused from the drugs he had done which were probably numerous to say the least. However, since he lived here and worked in uncompromising conditions I would beg to differ with the reasons behind his demise. After all, he had stopped the social scene a long time before being diagnosed.

He had gone to the Doctor numerous times with excruciating earaches which they had treated as ear infections for over a year before the diagnosis. He had a very long and painful death as was my recent family members' death.

In 2007 another family member succumb to lung cancer – and he never smoked!

In 2000 I had lost an aunt from the same horrible disease. She also never smoked.

And that is just the beginning of the story of Cancer

In approximately 2002, I too, much like Rick Simpson (Run From The Cure) had read an article in Alternet.Org "Marijuana Cures Brain Tumors". "Government knew in 1974".

Well, the only thing wrong with that story is that they most likely knew long before 1974 and it just did not leak out until then.

The mainstream media avoided the subject all together until recent years when it has been forced out into the open by a lot of really brave and caring people from all over the world. Yet the Government continues to scorn the use of this god given plant. Why? We all now know the answer to that question. Pharmaceutical and other Healthcare Institutions dominate the corporate agenda now more than ever. They stand right beside the ever increasing "DHS" – Department of Homeland Security, and the agenda to CONTROL us. We have become their "rats" of experimentation via the healthcare system. And WE have to pay to be the "rat".

We have been trapped in this conspiracy of corporate money flow through the use of sickness since at least the 1960's.

Where ever there is Cancer there is money to be made at the expense of our families, mentally, physically, and financially. Children endure the loss of their parent's at very early ages and will never forget the horrors which they lived through while watching them die. Spouses are left without their partners they have been with for a lifetime. Parents are loosing their children to cancer at an alarming rate. With each passing year more and more people are stricken with death via cancer.

And most of the time it is all blamed on the patient themselves, for their lifestyle choices. I will not disagree that lifestyle choices do affect your health. I will not agree that the patient is totally responsible for their own demise.

My brother in law made a remark the other day at the funeral home. When someone asked him how old she was when they were married. He responded "Well- I came home from Vietnam, picked her up out of the incubator at the hospital, and took her home with me". Which, in all reality they had married when she was 15 and he was 22, after he came home from Vietnam. So yes, they were truly lifelong partners. In Kentucky it is not uncommon or unusual that girl's marry young.


These are the biggest issues in my mind concerning this corporate health pandemic:

  • The blatant disregard for the physical suffering that the patients and their families are enduring.
  • The use of pharmaceutical chemicals which are much worse in outcome than in some cases of the disease itself. (I have seen it both ways).
  • The children of this conspiracy are the most vulnerable cases. It seems that now the government owns our children and can force parents into this agenda whether they want it or not.

Rick Simpson has now devoted his life to the people of Canada and the U.S. along with the rest of the world in promoting the use of HEMP OIL in the treatment of chronic and deadly diseases. A number of people with cancer have been cured using Hemp Oil.

The U.S. and Canada are refusing to accept this OIL as part of treatment for these illnesses for good reason – their corporate money flow.

It is up to us now, as individuals to learn the art of "treating yourself", and we will have to do it whether or not we are "allowed" to. We now know the truth of the agenda of the governments and their intent for our well-being.

My next concern is this: What if the corporate agenda, due to pressure upon them from activists and patients decide to take up the medical marijuana issue and transform it into another corporate agenda. If the governments, as they are, consider the legalization of "medical marijuana" what will happen to the industry as a whole? Will they legalize it only through pharmaceutical companies via the FDA and the DEA regulations? If they do, it could be a major loss for the citizens. If we have to depend upon the law to provide this medication to us, where does that leave the rest of us – especially those who cannot afford the "healthcare system". And then there will be the question of quality of product that we are given. Consider that they will likely adapt it to their uses and their "grades" of potency

Will penalties for personal possession be made much harsher, similar to the tobacco plant, or maybe much worse as with other "street drugs".

Therefore I would like you to consider the MERP Model for RE-Legalization of the Marijuana/Hemp plants. With this model the plant would belong to the citizens again and not held hostage by the pharmaceutical industry and the government.

As I have stated before, it is up to US to fight this battle for re-legalization of Marijuana/Hemp. We have been given all the education that we need on this subject in the last ten years or so. All that is needed is the strength to fight the battle through education of all people and DO what needs to be done.

At this point in time – unless things drastically change – I do not believe it is in the best interest to fight for legalization through the government anymore. We have been fighting that war for a long time to no avail. The medical marijuana states have been constantly trumped by the Federal government even after it was reported that they would no longer interfere with states rights.

Consider the President Obama when asked questions concerning the legalization of Marijuana/Hemp…

Therefore with the exception of pushing for the MERP Model to be put in place, and the Religious Rights regarding the use of Marijuana/Hemp, I believe it is in our best interest to just educate ourselves on how to use these plants and all other God given plants to our best advantage and concentrate on helping each other through the turmoil that the world has succumb to.

Do not ever think that the Government will be there to protect you. With a few exceptions that is just not the truth. We must fight for our own lives with every fiber of our being.

I cannot begin to tell you here all of the people who have influenced my opinions on this matter. My Father was the greatest influence when he called me at the age of 83 to ask me if I could find him some "pot" because he thought it might make him feel better. He died less than a year later and to this day I regret not knowing that this medicine could have at least made his last days more peaceful had I known how to give it to him.

And in conclusion, it is my opinion that RICK SIMPSON be awarded the NOBEL PRIZE!

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