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MERP Newsletter                                            Issue #001 - 8/26/09  
The Marijuana Re-Legalization Policy Project (MRPP)= "MERP"  

Bruce W. Cain, Author of the "MERP" Model

Welcome to the "MERP Newsletter."  As you may already know MERP is an alternative model for Re-Legalizing Marijuana whereby "self cultivation" (e.g., the personal growing of Marijuana) would be protected as a sacred inalienable right.  And while MERP does allow commercial taxation etc. it is far different from any of the current "tax and regulate" models currently being pushed forward by organizations such as MPP and DPA.   These two organizations are basically controlled through the financing of George Soros and it is my opinion that his solutions do not serve the greater good of society.
So how does MERP differ from "tax and regulate" models of Marijuana Re-Legalization?
In a nutshell the MERP model would allow any adult over 18 to grow, all the Marijuana they would like, without ANY taxation, regulation or other government interference (e.g., there would be no control over THC levels etc.).  It is very important to understand that MERP absolutely does not preclude the issuance of commercial licensing or commercial taxation and regulation.  But self cultivation is protected as an inalienable sacred right.  Such a system would self regulate the market without much need for regulation since the current profit margins (e.g., $300 to $600 and ounce) would be replaced by normal profits where an ounce would probably not sell for more than 100 percent over the cost of growing.  In other words adults could grow their Marijuana for free and commercial growers would have to compete in a free and open market.

Ron Kasinsky (wrong spelling) and I have talked at length on a number of occasions.  It was his recommendation to lift the limit of 100 plants, under MERP, to an unlimited number of plants.  His argument was that Marijuana would not just be grown to smoke but to produce seed, flour and EFA containing oils as well as tinctures (e.g., Run From the Cure).  I could not argue that point which is why I recently changed the model to allow unlimited self cultivation.
You can always read the latest on the MERP Model and strategy at the following website:
MERP Headquarters
The Marijuana Re-Legalization Policy Project (MRPP)= "MERP"
Whether you currently endorse the MERP Model the mission of this newsletter is to point out what I feel to be advantages of MERP over the various "tax and regulate" models.  We encourage you to do your own analysis and share the MERP Model with other activists.
The MERP strategy for implementation is ultimately dependent on getting the "tribes" together in order to force Congress to convene a "special" session of Congress similar to what was done in October 2008 in order to fast track the TARP bailout.  During this special session we will demand that Marijuana is taken completely off of the "Controlled Substances Act (1970) and that the US immediately withdraw from all UN Drug accords concerning Marijuana.  Finally, the MERP Model will be put in to law at the Federal level.  When this has been completed all Americans above 18 will be able to begin "self cultivation" of home grown Marijuana and the "War on Marijuana Consumers" will be considered ended.  And like TARP this will be implemented immediately after the special session of Congress has ended.  I believe the first noticeable result will be the almost immediate destruction of the Mexican Drug Cartels.
Finally, it should be understood that MERP is not just a plan for the United States but provides a template for all other countries on "planet Earth" to break the chains of Marijuana Prohibition: and with lightening speed.  I am proud to announce that we now have our first support for MERP outside of North America:
Alun Buffry wrote at 5:43am on August 23rd, 2009
The Legalise Cannabis Alliance supports this cause
At any rate we are just getting organized here and hope that you will help spread the word so we can end this senseless "War on Marijuana Consumers" as quickly as possible.  To that end we highly encourage you to forward the following link to all of your friends and activists so that they can also receive the MERP Newsletter and become involved with promoting and implementing the MERP Model for Marijuana Re-Legalization.   The sooner our numbers grow the sooner MERP will get implemented.
Yours in Peace and Freedom,
Bruce W. Cain


  1. Marijuana, Healthcare and Obama
    The Obama Health Care Plan will be devastating for the American people. What we really need is a Single Payer System, that also completely legalizes Marijuana under the MERP Model, so that the sick and poor can have a competing medicine that is completely free of government taxation or regulation.
  2. Please sign this petition in support of the MERP Model.
    In a nutshell the MERP model would allow any adult over 18 to grow all the Marijuana they would like without ANY taxation or regulation.
  3. Marijuana, Tobacco and Obama
    By refusing to Legalize the Self-Cultivation of Marijuana, and by supporting an FDA ban on E-Cigarettes, Obama is well on his way to becoming the most hypocritical President in US history He is also compromising the health of Americans.
  4. How to Make Marijuana Free and Legal for For All Adults Within A Year:
    Introduction to Your Involvement in the MERP Movement to Re-Legalize Marijuana Throughout the United States and the Planet

If you are in a position to donate I would certainly appreciate any financial support you can provide.  Donations can be made by sending a check or money order to:
New Age Citizen
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Checks and money orders should be made out to "New Age Citizen."  Donations to the "New Age Citizen" are not tax-deductible.
If you don't want to receive these newsletters please send an email to and type "Remove from MERP List" in the subject line.  You can also include your reasons in the body of the letter, as I do want to understand why you would not want to receive this free newsletter.  Your feedback is important to us at "New Age Citizen."


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