Sunday, April 15, 2012

RE: Chuck Byrnes from HempRock Radio “Burnman”...






High Everyone. We're sad to say our friend and fellow activist, Chuck 'the Burnman' Byrnes from HempRock Radio and TV, is loosing his battle with cancer!

I know he'd love to hear from you all so we're asking those of you who can't visit him or reach him by phone, to please leave a message for him on the HempRock Hempline. I will be collecting them over the next few days and will burn them all on a CD for him to listen to. You can leave up to a 3 minute message.

Thanx from me and Burnman!

HempRock Hempline 513-68-4-HEMP (4367)


  1. Chuck, you are a dear friend and I wish things were not this way for you. Know that the Lord will hold your hand and guide you through all of this. I love you very much XOXO

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