Thursday, April 23, 2009

Blogging for the Medical Marijuana Society

I would like to take the opportunity with my first post for the "Medical Marijuana Society" to thank Sherwood Martinelli for giving me the pleasure of writing the "Kentucky" blog.

It is time that Kentucky Citizens stand up and be counted in the battle for the legal use of Medical Marijuana.

It is an issue that has touched many lives throughout the state of Kentucky. My own included.

I began internet researching "Medical Marijuana" in 2003 and began my first blog in 2005.

"When Government Fails Us" was set up to be an informational portal with many links to organizations including Activists and Government websites. A website to give a wide variety of information for those people who are not familiar with all the documented information available.

I went on to write for "Treating Yourself Magazine", which originates out of Toronto Ontario Canada, by Marco Renda. Since its beginning it has traveled from Canada to the U.S. and on to several other overseas countries.

Please "GOOGLE" my name "Sheree Krider" or "SMKrider" to review posts that I have made, virtually everywhere.

I hope to be able to provide pertinent Kentucky information on Marijuana/Cannabis/Hemp for use as medicine and for other viable uses.

I am currently a member of the U.S. Marijuana Party and also maintain the Kentucky (UMP) site.

Again, I want to thank Sherwood Martinelli for this opportunity!



  1. Just wanted to stop by to welcome you aboard, and to thank you for taking on this serious task. I actually have a lot of history with example, decades ago, my father was the front man who came into town to open up many of the Jerry's in the tristate area of Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio. I was also the first person (illegally, but completely by accident) to walk across the Kennedy bridge between Jeffersonville and Louisville. Anyway, that is another story.

    Welcome, and looking forward to your upcoming articles here.

    Sherwood...AKA Bud Hasherdashery

    PS...going to get you a counter, but don't expect a lot of traffic will come with time.

  2. Hi,

    I'm so excited that you've joined on as a blogger. Love your "when Government Fails Us" link. I'll be checking more of that out later.